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As long as you need, As much space you need

life style upgrade

Be free from stuffy room and clutters


Maintaining cost of self storage <     Maintaining cost of Office/Apartment

Step1 Check the storage space you need
  • - Check the volume and quantity
  • - Check the size of largest article
  • - Assume the size you need.
  •   If you have hard time finding suitable size of storage,
  •   Please give us a call or leave a message on Q&A
Step2 Give a call to Q Storage
Step1 Wrap and package your stuffs
Step2 Check the quantity and sizes of box
Step3 Log-in to our payment pages and make payment
  • - please click to 'Payment page' located below
  • - you also can make the payment by using bank transfer
Step4 Send it to Q storage
  • - You can visit directly to Q storage or use parcel service to send your boxes
  • - We'll give you a notification when boxes are safely arrived

  • ※Please be informed that we do not arrange Parcel services.
  • (Generally local convenient stores and post office provides parcel service. you also can get parcel service by calling directly to the parcel service operator)
  • ☞Move to the payment page
  •  ※If you need help, please call us (02-545-7322)
▷ Prices : starting 66,000 won per month
▷ Available Size : Minimum 0.1PY(0.5 sq.m.)~ 5.3PY(17 sq.m.)
▷ Duration : Minimum 15 days
▷ Promotion Discounts : Large room discounts and Long-term discounts up to 15%
※ Please give us inquiries for a detailed prices and quotation
Individual box storing service
▷ Prices : starting 10,000 won(under 125cm) to 14,000 won(under 145cm) per month
price varies on sum of length of 3 sides, extra charges for exceeding size
▷ Limits : any type of box is accepted, maximum weight is limited to 30kg
  • ※ Pricings for irregular types
    Caddy bag : 20,000 won per month
    Bicycle : 30,000 won per month
    Luggage : 20,000 won per month (height 71cm or above)
              16,000 won per month (height under 71cm)
              12,000 won per month (height under 66cm)
              10,000 won per month (height under 61cm)
    ※ if your article doesn't meet the above pricings, please give us a call 02-545-7322
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